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Originally Posted by sgoldste01 View Post
It's really too bad. Over the years, I've owned:
  • 1981 Accord Hatchback. First car bought out of college (used) before I knew anything about cars. Had been in an accident but I didn't know how to recognize that when I bought it (I can now spot bodywork from 2 miles away). Sold it after a year. Lesson well learned. Not the car's fault that it sucked so bad.
  • 1982 Civic Hatchback. This was my wife's first car out of college, bought used. Served her well.
  • 1982 Accord Hatchback. Bought used. This car served me well.
  • 1989 Civic DX Hatchback. Stripper car, and first car I bought new. Served me well.
  • 1999 Civic DX Hatchback. Bought new. I still have this car with 136k miles on it. Runs great. This is the car my teenage kids use now.
  • 2003 Ody EX-L. This is my wife's current car. It has 130k miles, so I can't complain too much. Tranny was replaced under warranty. Power sliding door often don't open when it gets cold outside. Rear leftgate is rusting. Meh, could have been a lot worse, could have been a lot better.
The problems with the Ody, and my dislike of the cars Honda was selling during the 2000-now years, made me start looking at other brands. Gave the TDI a try; disaster, as you know.

Decided to go with a Japanese car again in 2012, but wanted something more interesting than a Civic or Corolla, so I came away with the Impreza. Thought (and still think) the boxer engine and the symmetrical AWD make it an interesting, fun car. I'm hoping to get many, many happy miles out of it.

Reviews I read of the Accord Coupe with the V6 engine an the manual tranny sounded brilliant. I need a car that's more practical than that, but I was glad to read gushing reviews of the car, after so many ho-hum years from Honda.
Hmm, some similarities I can relate to:

'89 Buick Skylark, Quad4 - first car I bought new, totaled in '91 @ 71K miles

’99 Explorer Limited - Has 157k miles, my teenager is driving.

2002 Ody EX- my wife currently drives. It has 179K and the transmission was replaced under warranty @ 85K back in 2005.

I traded in my ’09 Civic to get this Impreza because of the cracking problem with ’06-’09 Honda’s R18 engine block. I also wanted something more interesting than the bland Civic and Corolla but with good fuel economy too. The all new Impreza’s arrival was perfect timing and I hope it lasts a long time too.
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