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Originally Posted by bmx045 View Post
I'm here from RR forums

Sorry man, not sure what logs you're looking at but none of those are perfectly fine, actually they're the exact opposite. You're maxing out the FLKC threshold even at an iam of 0.625, which happens to also be the boost control cutoff point because your ecu is trying to protect the engine. Compression test it. Your fuel trims are showing that fuel is being pulled because the ecu is detecting an overly rich afr, which can happen with low compression as well. Do the compression/leak down, and boost leak test and come back, then we'll move onto other culprits.
I agree with your first sentence. The rest I would agree if it had shown symptoms of down compression. ie. excessive smoking, oil consumption, audible noises.

I feel like its strongly correlated to the injector in that cylinder. Somehow it could have gotten damaged or at that specific pule the spray pattern could be bad. Either way I will be pulling the plugs to analyze what they look like. If I see something unusual I will then yank the corresponding injector and send it off for analysis.

Heres my thought process - 1 cylinder isn't getting enough fuel (somehow) causing detonation while the others are over compensating to achieve a proper AFR. This is why I am seeing insane long term fuel trims but perfect AFR's.

of course I will do a compression test while in there as well.

If that doesn't solve the issue I will check out the knock sensor.

If that fails, ill set the damn thing on fire.
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