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Originally Posted by vwgti123 View Post
I friggin hate this car. 2013 SWP Sport Limited Moonroof/CVT. Willing to sell. No matter what I do I cannot break 30mpg. It has actually consumed me. My commute is about 20miles one way, mostly highway/bumper to bumper, and no matter how I drive.. I cannot break 30mpg Hand Calc.. screw the subaru trip computer.. thing is just dead wrong!!

My 2010 VW GTI 6spd was more fun, had better refinement, no rattles, a ton more power/torque, torque is the key to good MPG, handled better, and if driven the same way could easily break 30mpg. This the last Subaru I will ever buy.. gonna have to keep until warranty is close to running out and then probably going to buy the new MkVII GTI. I made a huge mistake, I needed an A/T transmission once Buick daily commter was totalled, did my research but to my own fault did not research enough I guess and actually feel violated by Subaru Of America for the innacurate MPG's this car can achieve.

If I could go back in time I would soo have kept the GTI. It is is a joke how off the MPG's are for this car. All these owners posting about getting well above 30mpg are either not hand calc or doing something that I am not aware of. We should all file a law suit. If anyone wants to be William Wallace.. I will gladly join the cause. Oh and by the way, my VW was a PZEV also.. but did not rev at 2k for 15mins and lose 4 mpg going a mile down the road.

Car is still on the lot.. go buy it.. I wish I could get it back, I am the original owner, even tried to trade the Impreza back to the clowns at Lester Glenn, offering them over 1k for usage for a car I had for not even 2mos and 1,500 but they tried to screw me for 4k in depreciation and told me that it was hit in parking lot there so I would not just travel and show up from NY to NJ to come get it and make a scene. I traded the VW in for 19k, worth more than that. I messed up, car was prestine and awesome. At least you will know that they paid 19k for the car.

Sorry for ranting... and if you love your imprezza, God Bless.. But for me this car falls way short on what was advertised all over the web and by reviewers. Truley Disapointed.
I certainly don't dispute there are variations in fuel economy with owners, but to accuse those of us that have seen the real figures out of their car is a bit unfounded! Although I cannot speak for anyone else, the numbers I posted a couple of pages back were GPS miles and pump gallons. I will also freely admitt that I have seen a significant drop in mileage recently. Between the corn gas and my letting the car warm up, I have dropped to the mid 20's. I can only speak to MY car. It matches its published numbers, and no I do not dispute others are seeing lower numbers. Really though, You seem very dissatisfied and I don't blame you. Get rid of it because you will only continue to be aggravated. There is enough going on in life to be hung up on something you can do something about.

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