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Originally Posted by RallyNavvie View Post
My preference for a precision semi-auto would be roller delayed blowback over direct gas impingement. But if you're going to switch then go with something like an M1A, not an AR.
This was true 20 years ago, less so 10 years ago, but not at all now.

The advantage to the PSG-1/MSG-1 was the polygonal barrel, but it's easy to get a polygonal barrel for an AR-10/DPMS pattern gun now. A precision trigger is $200 out of the box, and can be installed by anyone. Also, changing barrels in G3- and FAL-pattern guns requires a press and expertise.

Knights, Larue, and LMT(+Barrel) 308 gas guns are years ahead of any HK roller design. Having to keep spare rollers of various diameter around to adjust for headspace changes over the life of a barrel should. I don't think H&K switched to a gas gun in the 417 just to have something put as a line item on a gov't contact bid.

On the M1A, they again are tougher to rebarrel, the gas systems aren't easily adjustable (I have two with the Schuster plugs) between suppressed or not. And the op rods are fragile. Having to bed teh McMillan stocks suck, and the other rigid stocks are heavy.

If I was gonna spend $1K on a gun I'd get a Savage bolt gun.
$2K, i'd get a DPMS and rebarrel.
$3K, LMT and rebarrel,
$3.5-4K, Larue or Knights (and piss off bolt guys with how accurate they can be)

Ones I own (or have owned) as a point of reference for all my BS above:
HK91 + Magpul PRS + trigger job + B&T mount and Leupold glass (oh, and the f'n charging handle is always in the way)
HK91 + HK claw mnt + 4x Leupy (sure, that claw mnt is straight... trust me)
M1A nm + Bedded wood stock + Smith Ent mnt + Leupy
M1A + Sage stock + reversed larue mnt + Leupy + Gemtech quickmnt
M1A + Troy MCS chassis + larue + Leupy + Gemtech quickmnt
DPMS LR308 + larue + NightForce
Larue OBR + Nightforce
Rem 700 PSS + AICS chassis + Leupy
FN Patrol Bolt + Leupy + Gemtech tensioning mnt

If I don't sell the DPMS first, I'm gonna get some polygonal barrel awesomeness for it, maybe in .260 Rem.
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