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Originally Posted by rabbitnutz View Post
...and this is the reason people hate nasioc now.
NASIOC is a wealth of information. But it's not that difficult to do a google search for a metal shop that can do polishes and buffs. If you want to stay in the automotive world, go look up a body shop, maybe.

Last I checked there wasn't a plethora of Exhaust Polishing Shops. Or even one. You have to think slightly outside the box to "who buffs metal? Body shops! Can I do a simple search for a body shop and pick up the phone to make a few calls? No!... I mean, Yes!!"

There have been cases in the past 2 weeks where people are asking a question that has been asked literally, and I literally mean the word literally, within the previous 24 hours and is still on the first page. (Lowell Mechanic threads, I'm looking at you).

If people don't learn to help themselves a little bit, they're going to end up broke and living with their parents at the age of 40 asking mom and dad how to make Mac&Cheese. They can't afford a place of their own, but you bet your ass they'll still be driving a tweaked Subaru. Won't have a clue what's in it or how to drive it, mind you...

Vision and I just try to help the process a little. Tough love.

Originally Posted by rabbitnutz View Post
What martial is it? Stainless? Got any pictures of the scratches?

Ps, you buff metal, and polish knobs.
Martial Law!!

Originally Posted by Nutz
and contributed to their efforts of fining local vendors
Ninja Edit.. Why are we fining our local vendors? What did they ever do to you?
I kid, I kid.
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