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Originally Posted by Wicked Innovation View Post
Im pretty friendly with most of the other tuners in this area and a few big name people further away and most everyone has the same story.

What Ive found refreshing, for the most part, its not as cut throat around here as it is in other parts of the country (for the most part). The people with the best reputations dont go around knocking other tuners work, but instead stand behind their own and succeed off their merits. And the guys that have class tend to help each other out. I know when one of my friends/customers has a bmw or benz they need tuned, I know a good guy to help them out. On the flip side when someone with a honda or older nissan needs some love I get sent some business.
I think I know the guy you know

Alot of us get along and share ideas. Unfortunately I've shown a few DIY people "the way" and this has come out of my pocket so one must be careful who you teach what.

Me and Matt have had a very civil relationship helping each other over the years - which is the way it should be. There is enough business for everyone. I don't think I am taking from his area of business and don't think he is taking from mine.

Remember folks: The tuners that attempt to build their customer base "Oh he blows up cars, hes getting sued, their dyno reads high!" or offering free retunes all disappear within a few years. The few naive customers eventually come to terms that no one is in business 5+ years by doing their customers wrong. Certain names are here to stay and some will not.
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