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Originally Posted by mikey-WRX View Post
Thanks for your opinion. Yes, I can afford the car through your example. I was just listed "84 months" as an option that I have. I don't want to sound like a tool but it seems like I have to BRAG about what I am here for people to lay off my case.

I am 28, college graduate, married, expecting a first child in june, have 2 dogs, own our house, have a new Kia 2010, have a 97 VR4, have a 99 Base Mitsubishi, and so on.

I am not some 18 year old kid trying to get a new car.

that is good, you just have to realize 90% of the people asking questions like this on NASIOC are "18 year old kids trying to get a new car" for as cheap as possible and buy cars way above what they can financially handle

Then a few months down the road they come on here complaining about how their dealer wants $xxx for maintenance and how its so unreasonable and how life is unfair.

Then they want to make 300whp on a budget and get mad that people tell them to research and talk about how NASIOC is full of jerks who won't answer a question that has been asked a million times (even stickied in some cases) and that thread goes on for a few pages of whining and complaining.

Then they decide to go out buy all these cheap knock off products without properly researching and come on here and complain about how the fit and finish of their cheap parts is terrible and they can't contact the seller because the seller folded up and walked away, or is located overseas somewhere.

Rinse Repeat...............
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