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Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post
You apparently lack the maturity to recognize helpful advice when it is provided to you, which explains your victimization and inaction.

I think anyone, oil burner or otherwise, who looks at this thread in its entirety will recognize that complaining on NASIOC without doing anything to try and fix the problem is pretty impotent.
Dude I have been nice to you. But you are just here to smear me. What do you do for work Zeeper? All I know of you doing is throwing stones at me for being a VICTIM.
FWIW- OTHER OIK BURNERS ARENT GETTING ANY HELP EITHER. THATS WHY WE COME HERE TO DISCUSS THE SITUATION. YOUR ARROGANCE AND NEED TO SHOWCASE YOUR "SUPERIORITY" REEK OF SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS. Im really glad your car is so great and has no problems. But your badgering and belittlement, and constantly insulting my intelligence and maturity is getting old.
It aint got nuthin to do with me! None of the other oil burners here are getting any different results from soa or dealers.
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