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Josh I must admit your last engine was not our best work. I have no explanation for that and I have offered to make everything right.

You carry a little anger because you think we're responsible for a strange mark on your paint which we had nothing to do with and also a new engine that we had nothing to do with that consumes oil.

You never asked to save your old parts. You noted that in an email to me. We're in the process of cleaning out the shop and your up pipe and injectors were lost. You then told me that two downpipe bolts fell out on a downpipe that you installed as if it were my fault.

You approached me for the missing parts MONTHS later, not the week after, or two weeks after.

At our expense and months after the job was done, we bought you an injector bracket and some other parts to the tune of over $120 dollars just two weeks ago and shipped them to you priority mail. We don't re install injector brackets on engines or some other brackets because they are useless and intrusive on a car used in competition.

You claimed that your car needs the brackets to be "in class" which makes no sense since you have a built motor and a stock turbo but that's besides the point.

I have fielded over 200 emails from you in two years. I have tolerated your compulsion and your accusations for a long time. I tolerated you friending me on stupid Facebook even. What a joke, what a slap in the face.

You had Vigilant build your last motor, Bren tune it yet you still emailed me over 20 times for advice about why your engine was using oil. Why would you email me if you didn't trust me?

What other shops have a history of winning competition with Subarus in New England that will work on your car? Are you suggesting none of the rally, track or hillclimb community knows "nothing about cars"

You're an expert now Josh- you've pulled your own engine. From here forward you will never have a mechanical problem again.

Talk to me when you've built 300 and sent them all into the wild, each exposing your reputation, to be driven and flogged by internet mechanics like yourself who run them low on oil, modify their own tunes and ask the stupidest, most absurd questions that demonstrate a complete lack of basic automotive understanding.

And again, I'm sorry yours wasn't as good as it could have been. That I take responsibility for. Such is motorsports, such is life. Sometimes projects don't come out perfectly. To make a statement like "it's a shop for people who don't know about engines" or whatever you said is some basic kid stuff. Like a lot of other people your grinding your axe a little too late and that's because you'd rather get this one in under the buzzer than feel like a neophyte.

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