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I like what Ruger is doing, but I don't like this "...instead, work to enforce the more than 20,000 gun laws already on the books." It seems I am giving my approval for those laws, just not NEW ones. I think the fact that we are on the defensive is the wrong stance. There are two things the recent shootings tell us:

1) We do a poor job when it comes to mental health issues.

2) We need better education about guns. Guns should not have the stigma they do. It should not shock people to see people with firearms in public. In fact, when looking at everything with the Second Amendment (especially its intent) and current events (both domestic and international) in mind, we should not be questioned about weather or not we have a gun, but be questioning law abiding citizens as to why they DON'T. If we truly do want to protect kids/innocents, then the members of the People with the desire and ability to do so need to be armed. This is only going to happen with education.

Regardless of what happens with gun laws--an AWB/stiff background checks/banning of clips of death, or if what Ruger desires happens, there will eventually be another mass shooting. And surely, it will be even more difficult and dangerous for Americans then. Both sides need to stop sweeping things under the rug. The authors of the 2nd Amendment knew, from experience, the good, bad, and ugly that came with guns, and knew that it would be impossible to maintain a free AND safe country without an armed populace. You can have free and unsafe (anarchy), or not free and safe (Police State/Authoritarian Government).

My message to the government is this: know your place. You exist to do what We, the People, tell you to do. That's it. It is not your role to tell us what is good, bad, or best. Sure, you can make suggestions and whatnot, but your job is to do what we tell you to. There is a reason that those who work in government are refered to as a public SERVANTS. If you won't do what the People tell you to do, then step down--good on you for being man enough to do so.
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