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Injectors are out and off for testing tomorrow. What's interesting here is that all 4 plugs looked awesome. No sign of lean or rich mixture. I think I maybe chasing the wrong ghost. At any rate they need to be tested and cleaned to rule them out.

Wednesday I will do a compression test on the 3 cylinders I can get to just to make sure.

As for the knock sensor. This sounds been but I can't locate it. Anyone have some good pictures of its location to share?

Also, if I can't figure this out, my next guess is that possibly the timing belt slipped a tooth perhaps? Does this sound like the type of symptoms you'd see?

At any rate I has to bent the snot out of the bracket that surrounds the rails and the damn rails themselves to get the injectors out. I hope to god I didn't create more problems.

Any comments let r rip!

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