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Originally Posted by RexyGirl View Post
No it wasnt scientific and the tech was wrong to do what he did. However we could have continued with the test.
Well I was very communicative to y ou folks about everything. You pm'ed me and urged me to bring it in. I was very happy and brought yall donuts. But no one knew how much oil was spec'd. The service manager (David or John I forgot his name now) and you both rold me it holds 6 quarts. I kept calm and asked you guys to look it up. You seemed very annoyed, mostly at the tech.The service mgr scribed a mark where my oil level sat. Over an inch above "full".
I expressed to you and the staff that I was really bummex out and that I'd driven a long way for just a regular service with a lot of extra oil. Wjen I discussed the disappointing service with the Manager and tech, they never offered to re-do anything. They emphatically went on about how they truly were sorry but all new cars are supposed to burn oil. I
Basically I felt shoo-ed away.
If David (or John) would like to help me, have him call me please, and I'd love to resolve the situation. But from my last visit, it seemed like driving back over there was just gonna stress everyone out. So rather than show up at all in even a remotely bad mood, I figured another dealer would be the way to go. I cant be demanding or express too much dissatisfaction with the car, for fear that I'll be banned. Thats why I just left and didnt bother to call back and complain.
Which would really be more than frustrating. By SOA's policy, any dealer can refuse anyone service at any time for any reason. this is according to Grant and Desire'. So if soa puts a bunch of nasty comments about me in the books (which we know they have) I could in effect not really have a useable warranty.
You guys have my #, if that mgr would like to call and talk about my car situation, I'd be very happy to hear from him.
But being that I didnt buy the car there and I've pissed everyone at soa off, I didnt wanna get another call from soa saying not to go to ANOTHER dealer.
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