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Just came across this thread and figured I'd add some updated photos and info about the injectors for anyone wondering.

These 1100cc are probably the most popular injector we sell, and they offer an excellent balance of high flow while also being able to provide a very nice idle and light throttle cruising. Since they're safe for all fuels including E85 and fuels oxygenated with MTBE, they've also been one of the go to choices for race cars as well as street cars that are pushing for big power.

Fuel Injector Clinic 1100cc injectors flow roughly 20% more than our 900cc injectors (and what some others refer to as a "1000"). This means you can get considerably more headroom in your fuel system with these injectors which is great for guys running E85 or even those on race gas who need an injector that flows this much. They excel at higher fuel pressures too so feel free to turn up your base pressure some if you need a bit more fuel than 1100cc (rated at 43.5 psi).

Your injector set will include pigtails to convert your injector clips over to be able to plug these injectors in, or optionally you can upgrade to plug and play adapters for a bit extra and avoid any modification of the factory harness.

Check out these injectors on our site here: and feel free to pick them up from your favorite NASIOC vendor .

On to a nice new photo of the injectors set up for a top feed WRX/STi:

Now there's also hope for the side feed STi guys because we make a top feed conversion fuel rail setup which can be combined with these top feed 1100cc injectors, or any of the other injectors we offer. You can read more about this here:

Combine those with a set of top feed conversion injectors and you're golden:

Glad to see there's some good conversation going on about these 1100s because they're a great solution for so many of you out there. If anyone has any questions please let me know and I'll be happy to help.
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