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Originally Posted by Counterfit View Post
I don't think following distance was the issue there.
I have not put the snows on

Originally Posted by kfoote View Post
The following distance to the car ahead was roughly 50 feet, which at 10 MPH is more than enough distance. The issue wasn't that I couldn't stop in time, the issue was that I wasn't able to accelerate to get out of the skid without ending up being too close knowing that the car in front of me was going to have to slow down more. The car that shouldn't have been on the road, or should have pulled over to let the line of traffic that I was by in was 3 cars ahead of me, not the one immediately in front of me. The car immediately ahead never did anything wrong in the 3 miles that I was in this line going a max speed of 15 MPH that the idiot at the front created. Had all of this happened at a speed where my car wasn't sliding sideways down the banking, like, 15 MPH instead of 5 MPH, the slide never would have occurred in the first place.

The area this happened was particularly slick. The guy who pulled over to make sure I was OK couldn't stop on this hill and ended up having to walk about 200 feet back up the hill to check on me, because that's how far down the hill he eventually stopped.
I have not put the snows on

if you would have hit him, it was your fault, regardless. trust me, i know. i hit some black ice and rear ended a SUV. took my licks and moved on. thank god it didn't happen in MA... New York State wipes off violations and at-fault accidents after 18 months vs. WTF ever they do here (5 or 6 years??)

anywho, you're fatal flaw was as pointed previously. you are driving around on summer tires, hence, you are "following too close" for the conditions of the road - i'm not sure how they write up the ticket for that in MA.

his speed, distance from you is irrelevant if you can NOT control your car and hit him.

you should get snows. i've been rear ended three times in 9 years since moving back... one of those times, i actually hit the car in front of me! i was never assessed points because the driver who hit me was found at fault.

crazy m******* drivers.
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