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INKMAN - If you're used to using AWB with JPEG images, then you can still choose the AWB setting with your RAW images. But you also have complete freedom to adjust the WB in post. Where as with JPEG you just pick it and hope it's right.

RAW is much more powerful than JPEG. Sure, you can make great images in JPEG. You can also make great images with an iPhone, lol. If you want the most flexibility in editing, then RAW is the way to go. It reduces degradation due to compression and allows for way more adjustment.

I used to shoot 100% JPEG. I did it for years. Now that I switched I don't shoot anything in JPEG any more besides the occasional sporting event if I'm shooting for print sales and it will be thousands of images and they have to be processed and up in a day. For everything else (cars, products, people, weddings, etc) I use RAW.

Sometimes I make very little RAW adjustments, but sometimes I make a LOT. And shooting RAW in the first place gives you that option. With some shots a JPEG image would be unsalvageable, while a RAW image could be adjusted to look perfect (ie. picked the wrong white balance setting).
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