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Originally Posted by fateo66 View Post
No driver is needed. My cousin came over a few weeks ago and brought the adapter cable and a PS3 remote; plugged it all together and started using the controller to navigate the phone and then play some games. It was all pretty cool and got my thinking about using the cable to plug my tactrix into my phone to log. So here we are... How do we do it?
Interesting. I used to be much more of a computer/electronics geek. Don't keep up anymore.

Originally Posted by the suicidal eggroll View Post

USB, mini USB, and micro USB all use identical communications protocols, just different physical connectors. You just have to pay attention to host (port A) or device (port B). With regular USB it's very obvious, host (A) connectors are the big rectangular ones you have on your computer, device (B) connectors are the big square ones that you often see on printers and external hard drives. With mini and micro it's much less obvious, the connector and jack are just shaped slightly different. There are even on-the-go ports which can act as either host or device depending on what you plug into it (the phone's port is almost certainly one of these, it can act as a device when you plug it into a computer, or as a host when you plug a controller into it). You don't want to get the wrong adapter and accidentally plug two host ports into each other, for example, or they'll both be trying to power each other.
Excellent. That is good to know. Now I'll have to find out what OS I can run in my android phone (S3) that will be compatible with rom raider/ecu flash. Thanks for enlightening me
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