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Originally Posted by vwgti123 View Post
Listen.. You love your car and you are happy with your MPG's I get it... I have not ignored any CVT drivers claims.. Many are not hand calc and Porky sounds like he lives in a very rural area, hence the bell curve.. not what most drivers deal with.

Whatever.. All I know is what my car should be achieving and it is not.. You just stated.. you drive on the highway occasionly... and alot of winding hilly roads,, well i dont, flat Highway mostly and my car is only hitting the City MPG claims.. and the CVT is rated higher.. can you explain why? I dont feel cheated I have been cheated.. Why else would I spend time explaining that, as many others have also. I dont get your point. My point is simple.. MY car does not meet the advertised MPG's, and Many others do not as well. I dont have any numbers.. but start a poll and ask how many Impreza owners feel their cars are hitting the advertised MPG's. Bet you will get alot of NO, BUT???

And for the Boss.. The Boss is an amazing car.. Best Mustang ever produced .. Shelby owners with 600+ HP have traded in there cars for a Boss. Perfectly Balanced. If you ever do have the chance.. I highly recomend driving one... You def won't care about MPG's
in my buick if i even drove 10-15% city my overall mpg for the tank sucks, always has. if i did pure highway (gas station w/in 1/4mi of interstate, get on interstate 75mph, get off for gas w/in 1/4 mile again it got awesome mpg) but any city it seems and the overall mpg just tanks.

perhaps the CVT is the same way.
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