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Just got these.. Hot off the press from the in-house RSD media department!

First up we have the beautiful Carbign Craft Alternator Cover

This was a super easy install, took about all of 5 minutes and using normal hand tools using the OEM hardware. Plus, just look how gorgeous that looks in the engine bay. Rick recommended for sure!!

Next on the list are the APR Carbon Fiber Brake Ducts

Now these were a bit more involved to install, you remove the 2 under panels located below the stock "ducts", remove the 2 10mm nuts that go to the DRL's, pop out the factory units, pop these bad boys in, bolt it all back up and you are good to go! Please note, we did add some washers on the backside of the DRL studs to help give a more secure mount.
I really like these as it just gives the front of the car so much more character, granted we do not have any hoses going to our brakes, but that could be done easily in the future if need be. These are more than just for good looks!

You may also notice those beautiful Lamin-X headlight covers, now I did not install these so I cannot comment to much on the install. But just make sure to do it when it is warm out, or have a heat gun ready, also plenty of patience is key with any protective film. Don't they look amazing though? A bit of GT300 BRZ style right there!

Oh what shall we do next? I know! How about some APR Carbon Fiber rocker panel extensions.

Now this is what I am talking about, finally adding some aggression to the timid lil' Albino Rhino. In regards to the install, I do get nervous any time I hear the word "drill", I won't lie. Drill... On a brand new car?! Yep, but with APR's crystal clear instructions and the fact that these fit like an OEM piece, even I could not mess this up haha. Have a buddy help you with these, but if you have that, these are a breeze to install. Very satisfying as well once you are all done and you can sit back and see the way these have transformed the side of your car. So much better!!!!

Leaving my favorite for last, I present to you the APR Carbon Fiber rear bumper skirts.

Of course my favorite part was also the most timely for me to install. Now don't get me wrong, you will look at it and think, "pfft this will be easy, I mean you use the OEM holes and it just bolts right up!" All of that is true, but Subayota has blessed this area on the car with virtually no working space. Get your 1/4 10mm sockets and extension, and think small as you have to squeeze your hands in very tight spaces to gain access to the bolts. Even if you are blessed (cursed?) with small hands like me, it is still a tight squeeze. Even after all of the cursing...err I mean "nice words", I was absolutely blown away to see how amazing these made the rear of the car look, even the picture above does not do it justice! Also, a keen eye will notice something else new in this picture, and we will touch on that at a later date.

Thanks so much guys and please, let us know what you think! We always love to hear feedback! Also a big thanks to APR for making these beautiful carbon fiber products!

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