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Originally Posted by ajmillan View Post
take a look at the last log i posted not the first one i posted. It was about 80 degrees outside. Running Stage 2 +SF SLWG map. 93 octane

You could also take a look at these 3 logs i took today,running the same map and about 76 degrees at night. Boost seems so inconsistent sometimes doesn't reach target sometimes it does, and sometimes in 4th gear it goes to 19.5 psi
You definitely appear to be suffering from boost creep (boost is not tapering enough at high RPM). Unfortunately, you have the "perfect storm" for potential boost creep -> GR WRX, catless DP, and intake. The catless DP is a big one, which is why we don't recommend them on these cars. Your temps are pretty mild and this problem could only get worse with colder temps. Some options:

1. You can do a pull with the fuel economy +SF map. This will disable boost control and tell you if you can mitigate the overboost somewhat at 0% WGDC. Do a few pulls to high RPM (if you can do so safely) and we will get a better idea. If it does help quite a bit, then it means that some tweaks to the tune could mitigate the overboost somewhat at least at the current temps you are seeing.

2. If #1 doesn't help, then you must do something on the mechanical end. Examples would include: 1. put a catted downpipe on car 2. port wastegate + custom tune 3. external wastgate + custom tune. #1 is not guarantee that you won't still see boost creep but the chance are significantly reduced.

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