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Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
I don't think I'm saying the exact opposite. I don't think the 2.5XTR benefits from the 10cm housing either .

-- Ed
He's saying that the 2.5XTR is superior to the 1.5XTR because of the larger turbine (ie. the hot side is choking it). The compressor side is identical between the two turbos. You say that changing the hot side doesn't matter because the compressor is choking it. Seems like the opposite to me.

Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
I just haven't seen the same results here. Both of those spool about 500-600RPM later than I've seen the 1.5XT's spool here on the 8cm housing. I have seen peak torque at or just before 4000RPM. This being said, I have noticed Blouch turbos to be a bit inconsistent and don't know why. Some spool significantly later than others. This is why I generally prefer the ATP turbos.

-- Ed
What peak boost? I've seen that the higher the peak boost, the later the torque peaks. Simply because the higher the peak boost the later the peak occurs (spooling linearly) and pushes the peak torque to the right a bit. These TopSpeed plots are at 27-28psi peak from what I recall. I can't say much to the variation as I'm just going by what I see on the internet.

Originally Posted by KurtP View Post
Ive often times wondered if the inconsistencies come from different pressure WG actuators. Some people dont know to specify a higher pressure others dont want to pay for it. Another possibility that Ive wondered is both inlet size and whether or not the turbine housing was ported. But as you look around you can find gt/gtx30r's and blouch turbo's and even ATP turbos that spool differently from car to car.

ATP turbos seem to be nice in concept on stock location, but seem to get crushed power and spool up wise by rotated units from perrin etc.
That's kind of an interesting thought. My EWG has a pretty stiff spring setup. I'll do around 20psi on spring pressure. My turbo does seem to spool pretty well for the power it makes.
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