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Finally seeing how this fits up to the 207 I have on my engine stand...

Is the wastegate preload set already? The nuts are way at the end of the arm and one is loose. I like that the EFR setup doesn't use a rod end on a post. I hate those e-clips that fly off everywhere when you need to pull the end off and twist it a turn or two. At least it looks easy to make preload adjustments, but this can't be the proper preload out of the box, can it? The nut isn't even all the way threaded onto the end of the rod.

Are there any good options for heat shielding and/or blankets for the B1 frame?

I was recommended the DEI T3 blanket, and I bought that... but there's no way to put that on without massive interference with the IWG actuator arm. To go under the arm, I literally need to stuff it under, and there's obviously rubbing against the arm. I don't see a way to put the blanket over the arm at all without some sort of frame to keep it off the actuator rod. Blankets seem to be out, and I think all the aftermarket heat-shields bolt to something that won't be there anymore with this setup. I'd like to have some heat control given the turbine will be inches from the TMIC.

Also, do you know what pigtail I need for the attached BCS? Borg includes a 3 port BCS with all the EFRs, but they don't give a pigtail so you can wire it?

Lastly, is the intention to run parallel BPVs? I see no provision for deleting the stock bypass here. My stock BPV is leaking fiercely, so I ordered some silicone caps to put over the inlet return port and the stock BPV output. Seems like the best solution when my alternative is ghettoing my own block off plate with a hacksaw, dremel, and a hand drill.
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