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Originally Posted by mike.bryan.94 View Post
ok, i have a 04 sti with a perrin intake, mbc, fmic, and a whole bunch of other mods. i understand that the accessport only wants you to have a stock intake or the cobb sf intake. can i work my way around that? also i read that your not supposed to have a mbc when tuning through the accessport. help please

In order to use the off-the-shelf (OTS) maps we have designed for this car and the AccessPORT, you must use either the stock or Cobb SF intake. Using any other intake could potentially cause load errors, which would cause problems with fueling and timing (with potential engine damage). You must also use the factory boost control set-up, which would require removing the MBC, restoring the factory boost control solenoid set-up and factory restricter pill. More details about the boost control system here:

You can, however, get a custom tune through a protuner or e-tuner for the AccessPORT for you existing mods. This is where a tuner would create and revise a custom map for your car that you could use. A list of tuners that tune for the AccessPORT can be found here:

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