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Originally Posted by ajmillan View Post
I had understood that the fuel economy map was not meant for spirited driving will that mess anything up? I also took another log today since it is 61 degrees outside and figured i would see some creep so here it is running same map as before:
How cold does it get in your area during the winter or what is the coldest conditions you would be driving the car? Right now, the problem is not excessive, but my concern would be what happens when it gets much colder. You are overboosting at higher RPM compared to what the ECU wants to run, for sure, but the ECU is able to moderate it some. The run on the fuel economy map (make sure you run the +SF version of the fuel economy map available at will disable boost control and tell us if this overboost is potentially controllable or not. The fuel economy map is not a performance map and actually, at WOT, it would be less performance than the factory map. But, it is perfectly fine to do a full WOT pulls with it (if you can do so safely).

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