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Originally Posted by Bru1212 View Post
How did you decide on the 6758? I've been searching and found zero dyno numbers. I have a 2.5L, but anything to give me an idea would would be great. Should I just assume 20g type power considering its a 49# turbo? Thanks
1) compressor map... it's a very wide compressor map at 20-21 psi that goes right through the heart of the efficiency island. It should be a very good match to the 207 or 2.1L stroker at that boost level.
2) this thread has dynos of 7163... a 6758 isn't going to spool later than that so I have a pretty decent idea of what spool will be like.
3) it's also not going to flow as much as the 7163... soo HP will be in between this and a vf. There's not a ton of room between this and a vf, so we have a pretty good idea where things will end up.
4) more or less 20G-ish power. 20G is kinda loaded, considering that "20G" can mean anything from a 7cm original 20G to a 10cm 20g-XT and everything in-between.
5) the packaging should bring flow benefits over the stock setup without making the engine bay too obvious. I like stealthy
6) vband downpipe? Yes please. I hate pulling my Invidia off. With wrap on the bellmouth, one of the bolts comes off 1/12 turn at a time, and I can't put the pipe fully on the studs and still get the nut on. I wish the backside of the DP was also vband. Vband connections are awesome.

I'm not shooting for the moon, and that means I can gamble a bit. I suppose it could end up being a ball bearing vf, and that would make me a little disappointed, but I don't think that will be the case. We'll see where it ends up. I'll have TD04 and an OG 7cm FP18g (on an EJ205) to compare against, all on E85... so once I'm done, people will have a decent idea of where the 6758 fits in.
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