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Originally Posted by vwgti123 View Post
I personally don't appreciate the sarcasm, this thread has again consumed me and making me hate my car more.... There is no way a CVT is achieving high 30's and forty..myrt1987 combined driving, not possible = go sell a bridge to someone, sorry. Zeeper, i don't know if you work for Subaru or what.. but please... this is not about being in the most driver range, at least to me and several others. I am looking at my window sticker right now.. states 27city 36 highway - combinded city/hwy 30mpg. So explain how if I am driving even conservatively 75 to 85 % hwy, why am I getting 27.5 hand calc per tank.. You can't!!! the numbers just dont add up. And further, if you use these numbers to anticipate what one might expect.. you could see why this may be a dissapointing # to some.. I mean really.. can nobody see this.. What am I missing. I understand there are variables, but I really don't have any neg ones, c'mon. GEEZ

It's about knowing cars, knowing what was advertised.. knowing what we should be expecting based upon our driving habits, styles, commutes etc.... OMG - IDCare what you say.. the fact is no matter how I drive my CVT car - I cannot break 30mpg hand calc. I cannot stress this enough.. the display on the car is wrong, means nothing.. anybody who is not hand calc please do so before stating any claims!

I will not accept a crappy 27.5 best mpg tank yet, just over 3,500 miles, checked my tire pressure, drove super conservatively, cannot control what gas all stations supply and should not have to.. every other car I ever had including my other current cars don't have this wierd adaptation to gas. This is unreal.

2012ISport and I seem to be living almost the exact situation yet we are 700 miles apart, don't want to speak for you so If my statement is wrong I apologize.

I dont expect and wont get a refund. This whole situation just sucks! Bottom line! So far my car has been reliable and overall is not a horrible ride (excluding the minor rattles) but the whole point of mine and many other posts is that we feel and live the fact that the advertised CVT MPG claims are way overinflated. I don't care what fuely stats you put up.. I am only worried about mine, and once again I know how to drive and know my travel habbits, know what I was acheiving in other cars and know what I should be acheiving... So once again if your happy with your car enjoy it.. I am not and my MAIN REASON IS THE CRAPPY MPG'S!!!!!! That is what this car was purchased for.

The way I see it, there is either something really wrong with mine and some other CVT cars, or most other CVT owners are just accepting this or are in denial.
pretty sure i have asked w/ no answer, but are you adjusting for odometer error? if you aren't that will raise your mpg up about 3%. no it isn't the 30 combined, but there are way too many factors affecting that number to be guaranteed. i bet in the spring/summer you will be closer to or exceeding 30 combined.

i just filled up today, i got 24.8mpg. 75% highway (80mph), subzero temps, 20+mph headwinds every time i drove (no exaggeration) i fully expected to get crap mpg and i did. the only thing i could have controlled was the speed. in the summer this type of situation was yielding me around 27mpg,
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