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Originally Posted by vwgti123 View Post
Thanks for telling me how I feel and what I am here for.. Truley ignorant, What gives you the right? Really? Not looking for sympathy, I know I can buy another car, thanks genius. My well being is fine.

This is not just my problem and I am not looking for a magic answer, Hoping to share my situation to see if there are others who are experiencing the same issues, while attempting to educate others as to why I am am having these issues which it turns out others are also having. So what was your point... that you dont like me complaining.. then just read it, or not and move on. You dont have to post. Your post was basically to tell me how I feel and how I should use a car forum and to stop complaining.. Thanks??
Hey, man. I am going to be honest to the fullest of my abilities as an adult. I can understand where you are coming from. I bought this car thinking it will be like my last couple of cars that could easily surpass the EPA rating. This car is a challenge to do so. On the highway/freeway the EPA can only be achieved by going 62 mph. The city drive will kill your average MPG. I see your need to post your disappointment about your car's average MPG. With that being said, there is no need to continue your rants of complaint about the car. We can read all your post is dislike and unhappiness about the car. But, there is no point in continuing this rant of yours. I could easily come in this thread everyday and post my MPG. I have drive about 2500 miles a mouth on average since i have bought the car in April. I have plenty of records of my MPG. I could continue to post that on the high way at 60 mph i can achieve 38 mpg or if i take small country highways at 55 mph, I can achieve 40 mpg. I have and could do it again. I could also say that for 2 weeks I drove nothing but city streets in high traffic and short trips and achieved 22 mpg. I have seen "580" miles left to empty after a refuel. I have seen "260" after a refill before. I think it is time for you to just take a seat and observe if your post do indeed help.
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