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Default Dom 3.5XTR

On December 17th I was fortunate to have booked a time with Junior at PnL in Chicago to tune my new XTI build!

It's a new motor build with:
MPS Long Rod 2.5 SB
HP Techs in Detroit built D25 heads; CnC, PnP'd, Hand blended, Super Tech +1mm valve train, Kelford R199B, net 9.5/1 CR
Blouch 3.5XTR, 3"CH, 8cm HS, IWG welded shut
Killer B Holy Header with custom HP Techs, SL EWG up pipe
HP Techs custom built/ Cobb FXT V-banded 3" exhaust
Tial MVR EWG v-banded custom, SuperTrapp mufflered (can you say stealth) exhaust,
ETS TMIC w/ AEM IAT installed in front of the TB
AEM 3.5 bar MAP
Cobb SF intake with cold air box/ 4" ram air from bumper vent

Here are a couple graphs; 93 PG and E85, from my speed density tuning session with Junior at PnL! Junior held back on some timing because of balance issues with the DW 1100cc injectors I had installed at the time of tuning. My fueling system is working well with the Walbro 465, hi amp direct wired, Aeromotive FPR @50 psi and Perrin rails. We were at 80% IDC on E85 and my Blouch 3.5XTR.

I had DW 1100's older style injectors but they were new. I've got one that flows -12% off at 20 % IDC and it is causing fits at mosty lower rpm's but it's where you cruise and the hesitation stutter stuff 1500-3000 sucks big time on E85. It was not as bad on the PG but still there! DW made good on them, gave me an RA# and gave me some new EV14 1000's so that's good but a hassle!!! Junior did not want to push it any harder with the timing as he nor do I trusted the injectors.

Regardless my XTI made very good power even with conservative timing!

I now have ID 1K's and Junior revised the maps for the new injectors. I have been running some logs for him and we are still tweaking the tunes. The power curve is very flat all the way out to Junior's 7800 rpm red-line. It holds 21-22 psi on 93 and 26+ psi on E85 a the way to 7800 rpm. We will bump the rev limit as the motor is 8500 rpm capable and it seems to hold the power.

On one E85 log I saw 28.4 psi by 3640 rpm in 4th gear! That's 450 WTQ at 3600!!

On another E85 log in 3rd gear showed 12 psi of boost at 3500 and then 23 psi at 4000 building to 26 psi and holding that to red-line.

On 93 pump it makes 20 psi by 3700 and 21.5 by 4000 and holds it out to red-line!

I'm very happy with the build and especially the Dom 3.5XTR. I have heard people say the these bigger Blouch turbos are laggy! Laggy? I don't think so!! Do these graphs look laggy? My motor spools much faster on the street than what the dyno graphs show. I think that this build is very well balanced in the parts selection and execution, it breaths very well and the results show this!

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