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Originally Posted by 207STi View Post
Anyone have any insight on how to pop out the pins for the F61 connector? I found some instructions on how to pop out the ECU pins, but it doesn't seem there is a little hole under the pins to stick a needle in with this connector. I am using this diagram and the accompanying instructions. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
Not sure if there is a "correct way" to depin the pins (ECU and Engine harness-wise). But I finally practiced enough to get them out easy. The engine harnesses (both the black and the grey harness) are much easier to visualize and depin. Look into my EJ207 into Bugeye thread in the Subaru Conversion section. This is what it'll look like once you pop off the white pin lock on the black harness plug, The grey plug is essentially the same, well the lock is orange, not white :

The ECU pin is a PITA and took alot of practice and mangling of the plastic to finally get out. Here is what I used:

A set of precision screwdriver. I got this from Radioshack, but all you need is the 1.0mm flathead. I've seen 0.8mm, but that was way too thin to sustain any pressure to be useful.

Look at the bottom of the ECU connector, and you'll see the lock. Use a screwdriver to pry it up, to unlock the bank of pins

Lock pryed up:

Using the 1.0mm screwdriver, slide it into the top (the larger of the two) slot, sliding the tip along the top of the ECU pin until you feel the screwdriver cannot go any further. That resistance is where the internal plastic tab keeps the pin in place.

This picture shows what I'm talking about. Visualize that the pin is still in the connector. You slide it along the top, reach the plastic tab and "push" the screwdrive downward to apply pressure on the plastic tab "upward" so you can pull the pin out. This is where that third hand comes in handy, whether it be a real third hand, a clamp, anything that will hold the ECU connector steady. Because while you're trying to apply pressure to the tab inside the connector, you're also pulling on the wire to pull it out. This takes some practice, but you'll get it

Hope this helps. My wife took the pics, except the first picture, but her third hand came in "handy" taking the rest of the pics
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