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Did a bit more work on a whim a few nights ago. I was going to start pulling the piston pins, but I need to get some long-ass needle nose pliers, and by the time I wandered out to the garage it was about time for the stores to be closing. So, instead I decided to pull off the oil pan.

As seen in earlier pictures, the oil pan is two parts. There's a large, cast aluminum piece that bolts to the block and is really a structural part of the block (with oil and coolant running through it, the water pump mounted to it, etc). Then on the bottom there's a stamped steel piece that bolts to the cast aluminum piece.

Here's the "lower" oil pan. The circular bit in my hand is a magnet that sits on the bottom of the pan (around that bump you can see):

Here's the "upper" oil pan, looking up from below. The big manifold running north-south (which is actually side-to-side on the engine) is for coolant. The oil pump pickup feeds the port that's at 12 o'clock.

And here's the upper pan looking down from above. The flash reflecting off that center flat portion kind of ruined the picture - I'll have to try and get a better picture. You can see the two big coolant ports, and the kind of J-shaped port is where the oil pickup feeds. I don't understand all the oil flow paths, so I need to pull out the rear timing chain cover and and oil pump so I can map it out in my brain.

And here's the bottom of the block with the pan removed:

I just bought an '01 ECU on Ebay. It was a bit more expensive than others I've seen, but this one includes the harness plug and about an 8" pigtail, which I figured would be very good to have.

Has anyone ever seen the factory exhaust manifolds advertised for sale anywhere, either for the 30D or 30R? I never have. My guess is that the scrappers just chop the cats out of the manifolds because they can get good money for the cats. I don't know that I want to use them, but I would like to see some pictures of them, just to know how they're configured.
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