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Originally Posted by SoapBox View Post
Maybe you're not up on the definition of the word exclusive, but the VGT is certainly more exclusive than any modern production Lambo will ever be.

Personally, while it's not my thing, and it's too expensive, it's an impressive piece of engineering work out of a small shop.

The problem with the car is, when you take the cockpit, interior, some body panels, etc. from a donor (fine by me), that should be done to keep the costs down.

For their asking price, it should all be unique, nose to tail. The car itself though, I don't think anyone can argue with its potential.

And, no offense, I think it looks less douchy than a Lambo, and it's not something you see regularly, as you might a Murci in certain towns.
It's exclusive because very few people are willing to pay the asking price. . . and Lambo has released a few cars over the past years that are far more exclusive.

It is an impressive car, no doubt. I would definitely not turn down the opportunity to drive one. However, if I was offerred one for $500k (or even $300k), I would decline. I would rather have a TT Lambo or FGT TT to handle 1000+hp.No offense to Hennessey but I highly doubt his chassis engineering is anywhere near the level of design as any other high powered car over $400k.

I poke fun at the Louts references (I really like Elise/Exige); but for a car built for people with an "unlimited budget". . . I agree with you, it probably shouldn't have been designed to look identical to a car available used for $25k. However, I have no clue how functional that bodywork is to efficiently cut through the air, but I'm sure there's some function > form going on, and I can appreciate that, even if it does look like an Exige limo.

Based on production numbers, it's highly more likely to see a Murci/LP640/SV than a VGT. I'm not really sure what makes a car look douchy, but there are many stereotypes associated with cars, and from certain Lambo owners I understand your reference.
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