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Originally Posted by Asymmetry View Post
Neat job! How did you cut it out? I was going to do a similar configuration but thought it was too much hassle to cut it all out, single line was irritating enough.
I drilled holes in the corners of the voids I mapped out, then sawzall the rest out.

Originally Posted by kh15 View Post
hahah somewhere engineers are passing pictures of that around laughing.
"Hey bill come look at this ****"
You probably don't know the engineers creed "everything is a compromise" the stock 5MT mount is super soft to quell the whiny gears they have to use to make the trans strong enough. The Group-N mount is the hardest rubber they could push through a mold for race teams that would have a solid mount if the competition rules would have let them.

At the time I wanted something in between that, and came up with a way to get it, and it worked. Everything is compromise.

Originally Posted by MihaiFlorescu View Post
Why on Earth would you do that to a nice new part that goes on your car?
I could say the same about you adding extra urethane to your Gp N mount ;-) I have learned in this game everyone has different opinions and priorities. You love NVH I don't. We mod to make it closer to how we like it.

Originally Posted by Dale2011WRX View Post
xluben posted about taking the factory WRX tranny mount, drilling a small hole, and filling the voids with, I think, silicone. Sort of a ghetto Group N. He said it did stiffen things up without adding too much NVH. Certainly cheaper and easier to try that first before hacking a Group N.
I have done a bunch of drivetrain mounts that way over the years, started with window-weld, worked up to pouring casting urethane. I didn't do that for the Subaru trans mount, becuase I am not sure that it would have held up, the mount is so open. I found from years of doing this there is little adhesion between the rubber and urethane, so you have to rely on casting the urethane i around the original rubber to sort of capture it in. I have a feeling casting into the stock trans mount would not have lasted, but never tested so I can't be sure. I know a few others have done it.

I also already owned the Group-N mount, that's how I found out it had too much NVH for me. I've certainly wasted or hacked up more expensive parts than that ;-) It's only a tranny mount. That said this car was my daily driver. When/if I have a Subaru again it'll be a fun/race car, I'll weld that trans solid right to the cross member, then I can really talk some smack on the Internets!
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