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Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post
post #330 and #334 in that thread seems to sum it up, it seems like it was locked for a reason, and you've decided to reopen it here...

Midway in that thread is a discussion about the possible source of the OP's loss of traction issues, a cooked viscous coupler, but he would not know anything about that given how he kept testing it to see how much it failed...

I have a 5 speed AWD Impreza with VDC.

I have driven it into and out of snow banks and through parking lots flush with snow.

I have drifted a little, while hearing the car try to make me stop.

The traction seems steller, and the car is an absolute tank in the snow with snow tires on it. Better than any other car I have driven, and I have a little experience driving in the snow (30 years), though I am not in Quebec.

Sorry I cannot take your post at face value, I'm gonna side with the thousands of Subaru owners who are willfully ignorant while they drive their viscous coupler equipped 5 speed Subarus down the snowy roads of the world.
I'm not convinced that sajohnson's WRX had a burned out VCU. Based on similar scenarios on my steep driveway, I can say that my 07 Legacy has gotten stuck with the rear wheels on ice. Only the rear wheels. My mom's Audi TT with haldex had absolutely no issues getting out. Even worse, I had Yoko IG20s and she had Pirelli Sottozeros, which use only all season polymer on the tires; mine were supposed to be better on ice than her tires. Maybe my VCU was blown too, right?

I'm not debating whether manual Subarus can handle snow. I've seen plenty of 2WD vehicles get through the winter. If your standard of an AWD system is simply “I can plough through tons of snow” then you don't even need a VCU. Open diffs work just fine. My 2.5i Touring 07 Leggy worked just fine. Except I paid over 30k CAD for the car before taxes for an AWD system that was just cheap, and patently worse than any other AWD system out there. I didn't know how bad the 4kg VCU was back before I bought the car, but I definitely know now. Hell, even a cheap and light Haldex unit is better than the VCU setup as it can lock up 100% and has less parasitic drivetrain loss. I can totally understand using the VCU on the lowest end models for under 20k. But at the time, you could spend 48 thousand dollars Canadian on a Legacy Spec B with a VCU. 48 thousand. At the time, the base Audi S4 was starting at 52.5k Canadian. Really?

Ok, so if I use your logic, the VCU AWD system is good because you and thousands of other “ignorant Subaru drivers” like the way the car handles through snow, even though the vast majority of said snow conditions could be conquered with an open diff AWD setup. This still has no bearing on how the VCU does virtually nothing. So it manages to transfer ~3 lb/ft between axles. Yay!

Next time some STI driver posts something about blowing ringlands, I'll side with thousands of STI drivers, including myself, who do not have blown ringlands. Therefore, STIs never experience blown ringlands.
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