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Angry Big Rig crashes into our Impreza.(4 months before payoff)

My Fiancee'was driving on the freeway today,and her Subie was struck in the driver's side rear.

The car spun in front of the truck (like when a NASCAR driver spins another with a good tap),and the rig hit the car at least five more times on the side,and the back before the dust settled.

She is fine.

The car is pretty thrashed (I will see it tomorrow,and if I can figure out how to get the cam to work right,I will download the images tomorrow,and post a link),and the driver's side rear tire blew out.

The amazing thing is that the car didnt even stall (it's an auto-so that's part of it),and it even drove fine (slowly) when they had to get it off the center of the freeway.

No windows are broken. The rear was hit hard enough the trunk doesnt open,the driver's door wont open the whole driver's side is pretty beat up,and I guess that you can see the reinforcing safety cage that the impacts made it to,but didnt deform.

I am very happy that she is Ok,and really suprised that the car runs after getting picked on by a big rig at speed (trying to maintain a feeble sense of humour here).

I will see the car tomorrow,and let you guys and gals know better detail.

I have few questions for you.

1. If it's in a tow yard,how do we get estimates at shops of our choice?

2. The car is a 96 2.2 LX auto. We think it was worth around 10 grand. Do you think it will be totalled? I think not,since they go to about 75% of value now before they total a car. It seems that all side and corner lights, both side fenders,a lot of welding and a new door,plus a full paint job,trunk lid and bumper,spoiler (bumper and spoiler hanging on the car now) plus a large dent on the passenger side are what it will take.

Add to that driver's rear suspension,wheel and tire,plus any frame realignment,maybe some minor roof damage ,A and B pillars,the car will probably be OK.

Thanks for your help. We are fully insured,the Big rig driver got cited for unsafe lane change by Highway Patrol.
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