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1999 Legacy-Sleeper

OMGHi2U Coil pack I doing something wrong?

Ok I got the specs for the test ...does my voltmeter suck or am I somehow screwing this ohm test up? ... Yes meter is on Ohms and set to 20k on scale 0.00

On the primary test (I am sure I am on the correct pin posts)
1 & 2 - NO CHANGE OR all! 1 _ _ . _ (this is where it starts the test from
2 & 4 - I get 8.88

On secondary test

C & D - 11.58 Ok if I have everything set right...
A & B - 11.62 Ok if I have everything set right... 20k ohm scale as well...

The engine is misfiring on cylinder three...

I already did the new plugs - plug wires and even replaced the fuel injector on that cylinder since it was by my volt meter out of spec/reading all over the place (very high resistance) when I tested it - while all the others tested normal and were steady.... this is not making any sense to me at all for what I am seeing ... I am no ASE mechanic but this is dumbfounding by the readings I am getting on this.... Voltmeter is just a craftman standard digital meter I got for $20 so I don't think it is my meter as it works just fine for everything else I use it for.

All I can ask is WTF I doing wrong here...

Yes...It was tested disconnected and removed from the vehicle

1999 Subaru Legacy 2.2 P2 MT

Tested when part was in 30* temps outside if that matters...

If there is something stupid I am somehow failing to notice please point it out =\
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