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Originally Posted by Blur125 View Post
Haha I had the opposite experience. Switch bezel was a pain in the butt and I definitely ruined the old plate getting the switches out. I definitely wouldn't think about cutting the original plate for the fog light switch, it wouldn't look pretty unless you deem yourself skilled in plastic cutting.

Relay wasn't as bad for me, glove box came right out when you disconnect the catch on the right side. I pulled way more screws though than the install manual called for. Almost freaked out when I saw white padding, thinking it was my airbag. I was lucky it was only padding between the plastic and airbag container.

Lights were pretty simple, just remove body clips and one screw to get access to the light ports. Had to pull on the wiring a little bit to get the slack I needed, but all is well and the lights work great.

2 Things I noticed though:

1) There's a slight hum when the car is on but not started.
2) There's a slight gap between the lights and light bezel, which could allow for moisture to get in.

Anyone else have that, or for those with stock lights installed, do you see a gap?
not sure about humming noise but i know there is noise when you press on the switch to turn them on, its a click sound from the relay.

as for the gap, i noticed that too. i didnt buy the entire kit, i actually had a subaru parts store find out all the pieces that i needed from the kit (he was nice enough to take apart a kit and get all the parts numbers) then he ordered them separately for me, came out way cheaper than the whole kit. anyways it came with some foam strips (not sure what they were for since i didnt have the instructions) so i had to figure it out on my own for the install (not rocket science; just need a service manual to know where things are). i used the foam to "seal" or at least close the gap so that dirt and dust doesnt get in as easily.

as for whether the gap is normal, it is. When i took the car for oil change i looked at the new cars with factory installed fogs and they had the exact same gaps. its just the fog covers and fogs lights not sitting perfectly as one would think but i guess its not a big deal if they come like that even from the factory. no problems with it so far (then again im without my subie since it got rear ended, should be getting it back soon).

Sorry for the long post
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