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Originally Posted by Dirt Bringer View Post
So what you are suggesting is that

A. I am not a true driver.

B. My Impreza is not a race car.

I'm so offended...
LOL sorry if i offended you. most people i see in these forum will buy parts not really understanding the behaviors of a car or the driving style and try to adjust to the cars new behaviors. For example, I was at a race event and there was a new guy with a mini. he recently bought a suspension for it. there setup was pretty good in my opinion. it was set for oversteer which will allow for turning with the rear end with a little slide. but when got on the track, he kept over oversteering to the point it made the car way slower when stock. he had a "good" setup but it wasn't setup for him. in some scca autox classes i know some s2000 drivers take off the rear sway bars.

I am suggesting you find out what kind of driving style do you like. do you like safe understeering or do you like fun oversteering? 18 or 19 would be fine, you probably wont feel the difference between the two. just get whatever is cheaper.

i dont think i ever said your impreza is not a race car. but im not saying it is. for me personally, stock is alright with me. this is my eco box. i alright have a fun car. if you want stiff and be a little tail happy get 22 mm. it is up to you. we cant tell you how you drive. too much stiffness makes a harsh ride. too small of a bar makes it a rolly-polly.
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