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2012 WRX Hatch

Default Stage 1 data log possible problem!

Attached are two logs, one from a few months ago that looks OK, from what I was told (HWG Stage 1 93oct, logged in August, in Texas). I noticed over the past several days the car seemed a big sluggish during part throttle, but didn't have a chance to go WOT until today. It really felt like a dog, so I logged it (40 degrees outside vs 100 like the first log)

DAM is zero, and timing looks horrible. ?!

I have a catted DP in the garage and wanted to get a custom tune after I installed it, but now I want to make sure there isn't something mechanically wrong! Can somebody please let me know if you think I should change from HWG back to normal? Or if there is some other issue I should explore.

2012 WRX- 7500 miles, Stage 1 93Oct from Cobb (no other mods)

(Side note: I had a K&N drop in for the first few hundred miles but the mpg was horrible, so I've been with the stock paper filter since...never cleaned the MAF sensor, but that was 6 months ago and the car has been fine until recently)

Thanks for the help!
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