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Originally Posted by Blue98leg View Post
Sorry to bring this back from the dead. My 2013 WRX is also having this issue, even at low RPMs it won't let me into 4th if I shift quickly. Has anyone gotten resolution from the dealers for this?

I also had alot of trouble with reverse (requiring me to go into 2nd pretty much 75% of the time before shifting to reverse) but took advice from another thread to unscrew the shift knob one turn and that helped alot but i have no idea why.
Try this:

3-4 Shift
1) Invert hand with the thumb facing down.
2)Wrap hand around front of shift knob and pull back. It should literally fall into gear with no resistance.

This is the correct method to shift the 3-4 on any manual. It keep you from pulling back and towards your body which can result in getting hung up on "the gate" or even worse, inadvertently grabbing 2nd

Getting into reverse
1) Car must be stopped.
2) Shift into 1st and creep fractionally forward. 1" or 6", it doesn't matter.
3) Clutch in and shift into reverse. It should do it very easily.

Most every manual behaves in this manor. Some call it a reverse lock-out and others blame the straight cut reverse. Either way, do the method I described and the car should go into reverse easily.
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