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Originally Posted by FLEX'N WRX View Post
MP/ Doms configuration is awesome, and definitely respectable in everyway. That car will be an absolute blast. My thoughts, and possibly similar to Ben's...

Does it become feasible to completely alter the car with a stroked motor to achieve the desired power(band) goals? The prevelance of quick spooling, high power delivering turbos is reality. Especially with e85, 450-500whp is relatively quick work. If the budget is there, 550+whp is a necessity, the power band of the motor is applicable.... do anything and everything possible that's desired.

I am perfectly content with a short block and ~ 3.5k-7.5k power band. Realistically, other priorities/ obligations come into play with something as in depth as that build. Few years... Different story.

*Knowing Ben, there'd be a stroked motor sitting on his photo table sharing beverages with him and no one would know.
Originally Posted by J_Maher_WRX View Post
I agree with a lot of this. While that car is an absolutely blast, I think that as a DD it wouldn't be nearly as a feasible nor as fun as bens current setup. I would much rather a lower power output, but have power almost 2K rpms sooner, then have a lot more power but onlu starting to kick in at 5K. Completely unusable in 99% of DD activities, unless your commute involves a lot of highway driving.

Doms car is a more of a track only/drag strip kinda car, as he himself has said many times, but when it comes to that subject area, its a monster
Haha. I don't have a destroked motor waiting for me. I don't ever plan on doing one. For a high revving track car it could make sense, but I wouldn't want to loose the spool and low end grunt of higher displacement on a street car. If you properly balance and assemble a 2.5L it can handle 9k with some amount of reliability. NF's Speeding Bullet is a street car with a much larger turbo than the MP/Dom car. It has TONS of top end potential, but it still quite usable even off the track.

Originally Posted by Android287 View Post
At what rpm do you hit full boost in third?
Here's what I get looking at my most recent logs:

Tranny	Gear	[email protected]	[email protected]
5MT	3	3500		3900
6MT	3	3500		4000
6MT	4	3100		3400
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