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Originally Posted by dangsy View Post
Looking for some thoughts on the xav-701hd. Anyone have any experience in our cars?
Just surfing by and saw your thread. While I don't own an Impreza, I do have an XAV-701HD in my Wrangler. I hate the thing. Nothing on its own makes it terrible but the combination of all the little things add up to a huge amount of user frustration.

Sound quality is excellent.

Several different built in animated backgrounds

Several sources available (Pandora/Bluetooth/usb/XM/etc)

Bluetooth is excellent on my Galaxy SIII but has issue..see below.

Mirrorlink if all you want is calls/nav.

Mirrorlink implementation is weak.
This is Samsungs fault but since Mirrorlink is an advertised feature, I thought I would mention it. The US drivelink application was release last week and the only things that actually mirror are music on your phone (no Pandora/mog/etc), calls/texts, and nav. If you try to create a shortcut to mirror other apps, it works offline but the apps disappear when connected. Sony support says "working as intended."

Head unit seems buggy as hell and no firmware update in sight Examples:
About half the time I start my car, I have no sound from the head unit. It comes back if I change sources (FM to XM or vice versa for example). Also volume buttons seem to quit working at random. They will come back on usually after driving a bit. Until they do I have to either use the remote or reset the head unit. Yes, I've checked the wiring. This seems to be a common problem with both the xav-701HD and the 601.

User interface is very poorly thought out. Examples:

No mute button

Sometimes there is no "return to previous screen button" which forces you to press "Home" and start over.

No ability to rearrange or hide source buttons...for example to hide XM if you are not a subscriber.

Screen is not removable

Bluetooth loses info after shutdown. This means every time I connect it re-downloads my contacts.
If two paired phones are in the vehicle at startup, its a crapshoot which it will choose to pair with. Sometimes it does neither and I have to force the connection manually.
Sometimes it will choose to read an incoming text message and other times it doesn't. Haven't figured out why yet.

Radio reception blows. Even with an upgraded aftermarket antenna I don't get half the stations I did with my stock unit.

All in all, I really regret buying this unit. If I had it to do over again I would probably go with something like the Kenwood DDX-719 and saved myself a couple hundred bucks and much frustration.
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