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Default Lets try SWP again.. (STi status)

Kyle's Satin White Pearl Dream

This is going to be my new member journal. I want to document and share my very slow progress on my car. BUT. I also want to be able to spread knowledge for the 3G Impreza line since there is very little when it comes to info and resources regarding these cars.

Time for some splainin':

I had purchased a 2012 WRX Premium in December of 2011. It was everything I could have asked for in a WRX. Quick, good looks, updated interior, upgraded transmission, and without issues.
A few weeks into ownership the car was hit and had to go under the knife. That including cutting the rear quarter panel out, welding in a new one, and other things here in there. After that happened.. The car was never really the same in my eyes.

Throughout the year I had experienced much of what some have called a curse with the car from more accidents, bent wheels, a week of tickets, and tons of other things. Including a massive oil leak.

Among all the bad things that had happened with the car, a bunch of good also came about as well. I learned a TON about Subaru's 3rd generation platform of WRX/STi. I met amazing vendors and people at local shops. From the folks at Conti to the stellar crew at CCA Motorsports.
The car was also the first car I autoX consistently. It was a great season and I loved every minute of it. Because of my experience gained at lasts years races, I can definitely say I will be back.

Now.. You're probably wondering why I would get rid of a car I loved so much.
That's pretty simple: I wanted my WRX to be something it simply wasn't. I wanted the STi performance for a cheaper price, and with the 2011+ WRX's that's almost a reality, but it's also light-years away from what an STi offers out of the box. People who have owned both a WRX and then an STi can attest to this fact, hell I think even Mike R. can tell that his bugeye is definitely a different animal with all the STi upgrades.

I spent years trying to defend the WRX and justify my purchase against those who chose the STi, and we all scoffed at how some STi owners have an elitist mentality. But what we didn't understand is that mentality is rightfully placed. The WRX just doesn't compare to an STi.

So after spending much time discussing my options with Alex at Continental Subaru, I placed my order for a 2013 STi Limited with all the options I've ever wanted. It's definitely my dream car and I have it.

My mod path will be simple:
Don't change what the STi is at it's core, but bring those qualities out using genuine STi parts. The car is definitely going for an OEM+ look in the beginning, but who knows what changes will happen further down the road.

If you have any questions, PLEASE ask. I know quite a bit about these cars believe it or not, and I can definitely answer your questions to the best of my ability, or I'll find the answer for you.

Shot of my old WRX:

Shot of the STi:

1k miles - Happy time
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