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Originally Posted by ksantarina View Post
Hi all,

Just loaded the SF Intake and loaded the OTS Stage 1 93 + SF Map on my 2012 STi with 13500 miles. I have about ~80 miles on the tune before pulling some logs last night.

Other than the intake, I have the Nameless Performance Axleback which I don't think should have any implications on the logs .

I have about 7 pulls logged from 3k - redline in S# mode and 3rd gear. They've been compiled into a single google doc sheet below.

Based on my initial analysis, I'm not seeing any feedback knock in any of the seven logs which I would assume is a good sign. AF learning jumps around a bit, which should settle as the tune runs through more miles. I'm within target boost without overboosting, so no LWG map necessary right now.

Anything else I'm overlooking? I'm pretty new to interpreting logs and as always, feedback is always appreciated. Hopefully I'll continue expanding my knowledge with the help of your comments.

Thanks again for all your help!
Log looks good but you do have a bit of a boost spike. It is within tolerances for a 4th gear run (for 6-speed tranny), but given that this is a 3rd gear run, it means that this spike is likely to be worse in higher gears. I would recommend downloading the low wastegate (LWG) map from the maps section at and reflashing that to the car.

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