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Originally Posted by Tenormdnes View Post
OK. Gas should be fine (93 from shell). I'll log those new points as you said. I'm near Plano, should I bring it to Cobb/Plano, or take it to Huffines. They do the oils changes, and partner with you (so they said). Will they be able to detect possible mechanical or ringland issues? Can I change the map back to stock and still log?

Also- the TB/IC hose has popped of a few times. Could this have caused the ECU to make these changes even though it is on tight now?
If the TB/IC hose has popped off at some point, that could cause severe problems and possibly the very low DAM. But, if you've without a doubt fixed that (and you've rechecked it now) and for sure reset the ECU, then that wouldn't explain what you are seeing now.

The issue with a dealership is that they usually will have no clue about data logging parameters such as the DAM. As far as they are concerned, if there's no check engine light, there's no problem unless there's also a noticeable driveability symptom. If you do take it to the dealership, you would want to mention the poor performance. Keep in mind that they may try to blame this on the Accessport without any valid reason to do so. So, it would probably be a good idea to run the Uninstall menu option (with Accessport connected to car) to uninstall it before taking the car in so that is not a factor that is clouding their judgement. When you uninstall the Accessport, it also resets the ECU, so you may have to do some driving before the DAM drops (it gets reset to a higher value on reset) so that the performance hit is more noticeable.

As far as our Cobb location, I believe they do offer certain diagnosis and service items, but you want to give them a call first to see to check availability and pricing. The test to rule out a damaged ringland (or other internal engine damage) would be a compression and leak-down test.

I would just get the data log that I talked about earlier (with knock sums added). Normal driving - no WOT runs. Put it up at and we'll see if there's anything further we can determine.

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