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Originally Posted by SlimJim8804 View Post
There are times when (cars especially) aren't all they're cracked up to be. You dream of how fun your *insert enthusiast car* will be while WOT, or in the twisties, or how fast it is according to automotive publications and youtube videos, but living with it is a whole different experience. Sometimes you get sick of a rough buzzy ride, clutching in traffic and abysmal gas mileage. Plus the upkeep, the payments, keeping it clean and in good shape, worrying about parking, etc.

Living with any given car is totally different than how "awesome" it was when you test drove one, or how great the handing was when car and driver pulled .94 g on the skid pad. That's my two cents. Plus a fast turbo four car is usually dreadfully slow out of boost, like it is 90% of the time, but it's still a noisy rough riding car those times.

Frankly, I think quite a few people buy these cars based on "tested" performance figures. In that respect, they do represent a tremendous performance bargain. However, real world performance and performance car shortcomings aren't something most individuals take into account.

Me and a coworker were joking about how as a young kid, it's VERY easy to become sucked into cars without actually knowing what you're getting yourself into. I remember when I was around 10ish years old, and my uncle took me for a ride in his '38 chevy with a 383 stroker. From that moment onward, I couldn't be away from the computer looking up cars. I was 12/13 playing with an r/c car and a neighbor pulled up in a brand new at the time evo ix. He took me for a ride and launched it. Almost five years later, I bought an '04 STi.

At first, it's hard not to become attached to the car. I was 17 when I bought it, and coming from old pile of crap DSM, the STi was leaps and bounds ahead of that car in every way. 300 dollars a month? No problem, I can swing that. The car has been on craigslist 3 times since I bought it, and each time I took it down I knew I should have stuck it out and let it sell. The next time it goes on, it's only going on the nasioc classifieds (forget craigslist, they don't care if it has a built motor, most are ignorant to the ringland issues) and somebody on here is going to get one sweet STi for 16k.

To the OP, I have to agree with what everybody else on here says. Dealerships make it too easy to get into a loan that you know you can't afford. For example, when I was buying my sv650, they couldn't get me approved for a 2k loan and 1000 down, but they could get me approved for a brand new 8k yamaha fz6 with 0 down. The tactics that they tried to use to get me on a brand new bike made me shake my head, and it's easy to understand why people (myself included) get into it way over their head.
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