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After removing everything that was attached to the engine and trans, it was ready to come out as one unit. We started jacking the engine hoist and got it about 6" into the air, and the whole thing started slowly sinking. The cheap engine hoist was failing us and couldnt hold up the engine and trans. We set it back in the car and tried to diagnose the hoist. I am very thankful that Spencebot knew how to drain the fluid and troubleshoot it..... I would have been screwed at that point. After some tinkering he determines that there was definitely a leak. we drained the oil and put in some thicker stuff that we had. After hours of BSing with the thing we finally got it to the point where it was manageable. It still sank but much more slowly than it was before. It was enough to finally wrestle the mass of engine and trans out of the car! During the process of moving the mass forwards, I had to crawl underneath and remove the remaining bolts holding in the AT xmember. The floor jack was ready underneath the tail of it to assist in rolling it forwards. Spencebot ingeniously used a ratchet strap to pull the tail of the trans up so that we could clear the body while lifting it over.


The next day I took care of a bunch of little things while waiting for more parts. This time I was waiting for the flywheel bolts and the bracket that held the shifter to the trans. I patched up the holes in the exhaust from the harsh salt infested NH winters which was very time consuming. I also installed the shifter linkage inside the car. It was from an 09 impreza so the boots and rubber bits didn't quite match up, but no matter, it fit in after poking some holes and shaving off some foam.

I also took out the plugs that went in place of the subframe for the MT. The MT trans crossmember is much larger than the 4EAT. Even though the MT is smaller, it sits much farther forwards than the AT and it needs a support farther forwards that bolts into the body right near the control arm bolt. There are plastic plugs that pop out. I remembered the bolts for these holes when I took one from the junkyard, you will need them

There are also two similar but smaller plugs just behind the where the shifter comes through the body. These bolt holes are for the bushing that holds the shifter in place. I also remembered these bolts from the junkyard. I believe they are the same size the bolts that hold in the pedal assy, so using some if these not rusty bolts is a good idea.


The next thing to deal with was the starter. Because the trans came out of a newer car, there are 6 or 8 bolts holding the engine to the trans, and the starter uses 2 of those bolts to mount. The older engine I have only has 4 bolts holding the engine and trans together, so we had to make a bolt out of the second hole. Spencebot had a great idea of getting a helicoil. This is essentially in the form of a spring that acts as a thread for a bolt. The hole we had to use was rather large, so we got a tap to thread the hole, and put the helicoil in between the bolt and the threaded hole. It was very difficult to get the helicoil in the threads we made because every time we twisted it, the thing effectively decompressed and wouldn't thread in. After some fancy fingerwork, he got it to work and it was the perfect fit!

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