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The next day I finished hooking everything up on the engine. I installed the master and slave cylinders and hooked it up to the pedals. We had to wait for yet more parts.... one of the linkages that holds the shifter linkage onto the trans, the one that actually selects the gear, was missing from both the tranny and the shifter linkage. Thankfully we got it without too long of a wait. But there was a piece missing.... We attached it but the shifter was super floppy and definitely not right. I crawled underneath and realized that one of the bolts was moving freely inside the bushing. There should have been a small cylindrical piece that slides into those two blue plastic bushings. It was so frustrating that this didnt come with it. Spencebot yet again came to the rescue and manufactured a cylinder shape by bending a section of brass into the exact shape and soldering it and sanding it smooth. It looks like it should have came with it to begin with, it fit perfectly.

The linkage that we had to order, and the brass cylinder that my friend made


Next we had to tackle the wiring. In my previous swap, the speed sensors were different on the AT and MT. But on this one, the speed sensor (VSS) just screwed out of the auto and right into the manual. No soldering or anything. We had to grab some reverse and neutral switches from the junkyard. The tranny should have come with them but didnt. We then inserted a pin into the blank slot on the ECU and grounded it to tell it that its a manual. This is pin 81, AT/MT identifier pin. We then ran a wire through a hole in the firewall that reads the neutral switch (NSS). This was pin 82 on the ECU. Open circuit means its in gear, and grounded makes it think it is in Neutral. For whatever reason its the opposite on the AT. Typically with a manual swap you need to trick the car into thinking its in P so that the key will come out. Fortunately on my car that part had broken a long time ago, so even with the auto, it let the key out in any gear. iluvdrt on says that you can splice the two wires from the black switch on the auto shifter and it should let the key out. I have not tried this though. As for the reverse lights, it we poked and prodded until we found the wires under the hood. Turns out to be green with yellow stripe and black with red stripe. That we connected to the reverse switch in the trans.

The hole we used through the firewall for the NSS:

The plugs we used and soldering for the NSS and reverse switch:

The VSS wire (left) we had to extend in order for it to plug in. The NSS and reverse wires again (right)


We finally took it for a test drive and everything seemed to be working smoothly. It was a relief to finally see the trans work. The next day we were on our way to the junkyard for some odds and ends and the clutch started sticking halfway. Eventually it just stopped working. good thing we were on our way to the junkyard! My friend came and rescued us and took us to the JY to get replacement parts

Turns out there was a huge leak......... We werent quite sure where it was coming from so while we were at the junkyard we got a master and a slave, and my buddy had a stainless steel clutch line for his 2013 BRZ. All of which fit right in and its working great now. The transmission is in GREAT shape. It feels brand new, the synchros are perfect. The thing runs like a brand new car aside from the exhaust leaks. So far I've put a little over 1,000 miles on it and its working beautifully. It made it the 400 mile back to NH and has been taking me to school. It is a great daily driver.

As for the original issue that I had with the limp mode, it still happens, but not as frequently. I can seem to control it a little better with the manual. It is still a problem though. I replaced some of the things that stayed with the swap: the MAF and the VSS, which leaves the ECU, the AF sensor, the o2 sensor, or a bad connection somewhere. I am still tinkering and will post if I ever figure out this problem...


my great friend Spencer for devoting so much time to helping me
my brother for helping with random odds and ends..
987687 from for giving me a huge amount of useful information
iluvdrt on for his writeup, which can be found here:
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