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Originally Posted by danlucer View Post
Hi, I could use some help!

I recently purchased some 2013 BRZ (and FR-S) wheels for my WRX before I realized they wouldn' fit-on over my upgraded 4 pot front brakes.
So you didn't read this thread first, I guess.

I figure I could buy some spacers but I really don't want to space my tires outs at all. Anyone have any suggestions?
Other than spacers? Sell 'em. Or downgrade your brakes to the older WRX style. I'm sure you could get plenty of volunteers to trade straight across.

If I must use a spacer, what's the slimest spacer I could use?
How about you do a little work and then come back and tell us? Try stacking some washers on top of the studs until the wheel clears. (We use painter's tape on the caliper so it doesn't get all banged up.) When you get enough clearance, measure the height of your washer stack. That's how much spacer you need.[/quote]

Originally Posted by DuoofDeath1 View Post
This might sound stupid but why does Subaru do all the switching between 5x100 and 5x114 throughout the years? That just makes changing wheels a pain in the ass. Especially between the WRX and STi. Those should atleast be interchangeable, IMO
It's not switching back and forth. Since 1993, all Impreza variants have been 5x100, EXCEPT the 2005+ STI. Because of the large amount of power and grip that car has, stronger hubs were needed; hence the larger bolt circle.

Originally Posted by SATSTI View Post
I didn't see anything on the current STI.
2013 STI wheel options carry over from previous years. Sedans get Enkei wheels standard; Limited sedans get BBS. Hatches all get BBS.

If I'm not mistaken, aren't the 2013's a 17 x 8.5 with a 5x114.3 (55 offset)?
You are mistaken. 2013 STI, like previous STI since 2008, gets 18x8.5" wheels. 2013 WRX, like previous WRX since 2011, gets 17x8" wheels.

Originally Posted by Tavery92 View Post
Hey guys, I hope this is the correct spot. I'm looking at new summer wheels for my 02 wrx...
This is not the correct spot. This thread is for OEM wheel specs only, not for fitment questions.

Originally Posted by Brock Samson View Post
Not sure anyone answered the question about these wheels. Even though it's from a while ago, I figured since I bought these for my DD wagon I'd post up the info anyways!

Stock tire size ran 195/60 R15. Wheels are 5x100.
Cool. Can you get us a weight?

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