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Originally Posted by KMA2 View Post
Great feedback! Thanks again everyone.

I'm thinking of going with a Nameless DP since it is good quality and they've been responsive answering my questions. For tuning, I'm probably going to go with an e-tune from Torqued Performance. After reading some PM's from other forum members, I think I might go opensource instead of AP. I'm kind of a techie and it feels like I'm wimping out if I don't. Plus it's cheaper of course. I'll probably wait on a CBE for now... still deciding.

On a side note, does anyone have recommendations on tail light wraps that change the brake light portion red, leaving the center white? I know there are tons of them out there, but are any better quality/easier to install than others? Thanks.

As far as being old... I didn't mean to suggest I'm TOO OLD to own a WRX, just I'm much older than your average owner. For the old guys out there, how many times have you had a random kid come up to you and say "sweet car man"? I've even had other subie owners pull up along side while driving and try to have conversations with me. They've never been older than 25 or so. That being said, I have noticed more middle aged folks driving the newer WRX sedans lately.

Anyway, didn't mean to offend anyone. Thanks again for all the info.
I'll throw in my own personal opinion on this

The way you drive doesn't really relate to your age, for the most part. It has to do with your personality and how you feel about driving in general. I am in my mid 30s and, by most people's standards, I drive aggressively. I know people significantly older than me that are just as aggressive as me or even more so. Their driving style and car preference reflects their personality too. I work with few young guys in mid 20s that drive slower than my mother. Seriously. It's painful to watch. You'd think they'd be crazed maniac behind the wheel. Instead, they drive corollas and drive 5 under at all times. Again, if I had to sum it up, their driving style overall reflects who they are as a person. If you like cars, you'll tolerate louder exhausts, more NVH, and probably not drive a corolla to work every day. You will probably never drive an econobox that is devoid of any excitement. It's not who you are. Kids, in general, will put up and tolerate a lot of noise. How would they know better? If all they ever knew was a loud sports car, they don't know that cars can be quiet. They'll just adapt to whatever you expose them to. It's the adults that you have to worry about. So, the moral of the story is, if you're going to have kids, get the loudest thing your spouse will tolerate.
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