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Originally Posted by royalnewjersey View Post
Hey, there's a few hundred pages of answered questions on here, but I totally understand not wanting to sift through so I'll catch up those who are newer to this thread. Welcome, by the way, to the worst 3-5 months of your life.

In a nutshell:

Wait time depends on a few things:
1) NAV package. Seems to take 3-4 weeks longer on average.
2) dealer size. Usually higher volume dealers get cars around 3 months (California, tri state, maic, etc). Smaller dealers with lower turn over tend to be 4-5 months. The cars they receive is called allocation which they get a new batch every month or so.
3) ordering VS on the lot VS pipeline. Sometimes people get lucky and find a lot car, other times they will get a car already on its way, otherwise you have to wait for your car to be made.

Right now orders are estimated to come in Late May, and some people have even been gettin June estimates (probably closer to reality).

Usually you'll get a VON, and then a month before arrival you'll get a VIN and a 1st ETA. then a few weeks before you'll get a revised ETA when the actual day might be. People have been using to track boats and ports that Subaru uses to "guess" where their car is.

Other than that. Sit back, relax, and try not to pull your hair out

Thanks for that great update. Very helpful! How do I get a VON? is that something the dealer will send to me, or do I need to inquire about that?

I hope its not the qorst 3-5 months of my life! I got engaged last week, so I can't let my fiance see that I am freaking out.

I am in the Philadelphia area, so hopefully I am on the lower end of that scale.

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