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Originally Posted by jack klompus View Post
JFC dude. How many times have you stated that the 5 speeds are NOT weak and anyone who says otherwise is a moron?

There must be a glitch in the matrix.

And people who do 6 speed swaps are NOT ignorant. Kickbacks much?
I stated that the 06/07 is possibly the weakest 5 speed. I have no statistical data to back this up only data that I have seen by haunting the transmission forum since you were in middle school. For many, the 5 speed can and will last a long time. Now if you look at the OP (and no offense personally meant to the OP now as I don't want to get nasty here) one can see that he wants 350-400 to the wheels and is a knucklehead. When you combine those two factors with the 3.70 final drive that the 06/07 is equipped with, the likelihood for a transmission explosion is quite high, hence my advice. 5 speeds are NOT weak, but if you throw ignorance and power at them, they are LIKELY to break.

And, most people who do 6 speed swaps are ignorant as they are sheep who get a 6 speed for the sake of getting a 6 speed to tell their buddies they have a 6 speed. Is that YOUR case? I don't know....I don't know you, but there's no need to get all butthurt. I can list the pros and cons between 6MT vs. 5MT and 97.6% of Subaru owners can't list what they had for lunch yesterday so that puts me in the spot of being able to offer my opinion and for many it is 5MT and likely is the case for the OP.

I get 0 kickbacks from any transmission manufacturer or installer. I currently have PPG gears in my car and you know what? **** PPG. Would someone with a vested interest say that?
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